Welcome and hello to all. I'm Dr. Bogomil Stoev. I am a dentist in Sofia and I want to thank you for being here today. I strongly believe that the information contained on this site will be useful for you and even new for some of you. The best part is that all articles are completely free for you, but very valuable. It is important to begin using this information as soon as possible and then to literally tell your friends what you have read so they can benefit from the information too. In that way you will help me to change the statistics about some of the dental diseases. In some countries more than 90% of the people have dental caries.


Only with your help we can change the numbers, so read, use and tell that information to your friends, and I believe that very soon the facts will be different.



"Be the change, you want to see in the world."


M. Ghandi


  • Emergency
  • Pregnant
  • Brushing

If you injury your tooth or teeth, go to the dentist earlier than two hours after the trauma.

If you are pregnant, make a consultation with dentist, not only with pediatrician

You should brush your teeth for 4 minutes.



“Д-р Богомил Стоев препоръчвам аз, внимателен, мил и чудесен,посещенията ми при него преминават като песен. С усмивка огрявам света, защото има на кой да я доверя. За това от все сърце и душа желая да му Благодаря, за това, че се грижи за моята усмивка и тази на любимите ми същества!”

Лили Иванова